Arrest LAUREN BALSAMO, charge her w BIO-TERRORISM also re-eval her degree in PUBLIC HEALTH

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000! This weekend New York resident Lauren Balsamo, former employee of Weill Cornell Medicine, entered a  Tompkins Square Bagels in Queens, NY without wearing a mask, which is store policy in order to comply with CDC guidelines on preventing Covid19 transmission. The store employees didn’t notice, but a patron did, & proceeded to inform the staff. The patron asked the staff to enforce The mask wearing policy with Balsamo. Upon hearing this, Belsamo (who did not realize that her behavior was being filmed) became agitated, & verbally attacking the responsible patron with profanities.  ALSO, Balsamo, who has a degree in PUBLIC HEALTH, APPROACHED THE REPORTING PATRON, STAFF MEMBERS & BYSTANDERS- & in an effort to intimidate them, cause them distress and potentially INFECT THEM WITH THE DEADLY COVID19 VIRUS, she began to cough violently & exaggeratedly, open mouthed, directly at everyone! When she realized she was being filmed she seemed shocked and quickly left. So far there are no reports of her arrest or being charged with any crimes. This behavior should be considered domestic terrorism, or classified as some type of federal offense. If she is infected with Covid19 she could potentially spread it to others- which carries the risk for serious medical consequences if not DEATH- if she is not infected she is Still committing terrorism. LAUREN BALSAMO MUST BE ARRESTED, CHARGED BY LOCAL AND FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR THIS ACT OF BIOLOGICAL TERRORISM AND ALSO HAVE HER PUBLIC HEALTH DEGREE STATUS REEVALUATED. Please sign this petition and let’s make sure no more socially irresponsible people put our lives and health at risk! You bet your bottom dollar if she were a minority or POC she would already be in jail and changed with 10 different federal offenses. WE MUST MAKE CHANGE