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Allow Chiropractors to Continue to Perform DOT Exams in New York


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This is a classic story of David vs Goliath…
In the early 90’s the birth of the DOT Physical Exam took place. At the time, all providers that wanted to perform them could. Then as time went by, changes started to happen and the development of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners took place May 21, 2014; yet all seemed well.
Then one day something happened! June 1, 2016 hit, and unprecedented actions by New York State and the FMSCA, “ALL CHIROPRACTORS IN NEW YORK STATE CAN NO LONGER PERFORM DOT PHYSICALS”. What we found out was this happened due to the influence of other DOT providers, and not only is New York at risk, but other states are too!
So chiropractors decided to stand up! They are asking that “you” the people to speak up; including CDL drivers, trucking companies, or anyone else that wants to help protect and defend the legal right for chiropractors to perform DOT physicals.
Why would people support Chiropractic DOT certified medical examiners? Simple….they want access to ETHICAL, QUALITY EXAMS at a fair price.

Please sign this petition to Governor Andrew Cuomo asking him to reinstate chiropractors ability to perform DOT Physicals in New York.

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