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Governor and Mayor of Hawaii: Stop the Ala Wai yacht Harbor fuel dock new lease to a Japanese wedding chapel without a working fuel dock.

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Local media makes lite of the issue of taking away the harbors only fuel dock that is needed to serve over 800 boats that harbor there, by calling Ala Wai Harbor boat dock a place to go and "catch  up on gossip" ...., The real issues are; Sailboats need fuel to motor in and out of the harbor. Running aground is primarily caused by boats losing power going in and out or running out of fuel. Running aground happens very quickly once a sailboat loses power trying to enter or exit the harbor. It is DANGEROUS to the community of boaters and COSTLY to STATE and TAXPAYERS to close the fuel dock. There are over 1000 boats or more that use and need this fuel dock to put needed fuel in thier boats in Waikiki and nowhere else to fuel up and no fuel means DANGER to boats including sailboats that need fuel to exit and enter the harbor safely.


1. Causes boats that risk RUNNING AGROUND causing the TAXPAYER & STATE MORE MONEY. When a boat is entering the channel particularly if they lose fuel or power they risk running aground.

2. And there being no fuel dock close by, will perhaps cause more boaters to practice risky behaviour by putting off the taking of the time necessary to sail one hour away to fuel up, or putting off going to a gas station and transporting the heavy containers to their boats, often times having to carry the heavy fuel cans down a long pier to get to their boats.

3. Suggesting a truck to come on weekends with fuel doesn't work either as there would be to many boats trying to get fuel in a narrow time frame of of 4 days a week.

Boaters and community feel cheated once again by this high rolling wealthy 'abuse of power' issue we are continuously plagued with in Hawaii and the fuel dock has been there for boaters for more than 50 years and is essential to the boating community. The lease being recently awarded to the highest bidder; that being a Japanese wedding Chapel, is completely incompetent and irresponsible If boaters needs are not met and could be a liability. This is state land and is located at the back inner portion of the harbor and the only place to get fuel for miles around. At the end of the month, if approved it will become a place for wealthy young Japanese couples to tie the knot. Who would want to begin their marriage with bad feelings and ill wishes from the hawaii boating community? Wouldn't thier marriages be plagued by 'negative harbor spirits if boaters needs aren't met?' And besides, there is already a wedding chapel recently built in the harbor where the Tahitian Lanai used to sit (a former local favorite restaurant famous for their piano bar and breakfast eggs Benedict). There would be limousines going to and from the fuel dock located at the back of the harbor currently only needed and used by boat owners and wedding users limosines will create traffic issues as well in the narrow roadway leading to the fuel dock. How will this be addressed?

Stop the fuel dock misuse as a Japanese tourist venture for wealthy children to get married at a boat harbor gas station as a novelty Without meeting boaters needs? Who wants to get married at a gas station That rips off boaters? This is misleading to the young couples in the first place and should be stopped Unless it is remedied and boaters needs are met.

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