Allow Oregon Businesses to Waiver Liabilities and Make Their Own Choices on Mask Mandates

Allow Oregon Businesses to Waiver Liabilities and Make Their Own Choices on Mask Mandates

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Evidence Based Freedom and Liberty For Oregon started this petition to Governor and Department of Health

Governor Kate Brown and Oregon Department of Health:

To protect our families and the community we need the truth about imposing risks of COVID in Oregon.  We need clear assessments of risk, showing the science behind these mask and curfew mandates and potential fines on businesses for having people within the business not wearing masks versus the known harms to public health from economic downturns imposed by these mandates.  Businesses should be able to make mask mandates as they see fit or have the option to waiver liabilities to their customers, placing the risk in the hands of individuals where it belongs.

Please consider there are many studies and publicly accessible data ( suggesting lockdown mandates and masks are not nearly as effective as simply social distancing and hand washing.  Oregonians have one of the lowest infectious fatality rates (6 out of 100k people) in the country, and continue to have this low rate of infection.  This was our rate even when masks were not being mandated with stricter mask and business ordinances. 

What evidence do we have to show that newer mask mandates and lockdowns are the reason for this and not the general health and social distancing hand-washing practices?  That less crowding is required yet we can still have crowded protesting?

Furthermore, what are you using to define a spike in cases, considering that: 

Through March 31st, we had 12,833 people tested. Only 606 were positive--a 4.7% infection rate.
During April, there were 41,589 people tested. Only 1,756 were positive--a 4.2% infection rate.
During May, there were 73,061 people tested. Only 1,784 were positive--a 2.4% infection rate.
During June, there were 103,261 people tested. Only 4,183 were positive--a 4% infection rate.

Why are these numbers indicating an overall spike in cases considering there is also a considerable increase in the number of tests administered that seems to be in proportion to the number of individuals being found to have contracted COVID?

If we also consider the observable deaths in Oregon:
Through March, 16 deaths in Oregon.
During April, 83 deaths.
During May, 50 deaths.
During June, 50 deaths.

Furthermore, what percentage of those deaths were in the elderly?  What percentage of those elderly were at higher risk of death from all cause and maybe died WITH COVID instead of FROM COVID? 

Some reports indicate more than 99% of deaths of Oregonians were elderly and/or folks with significant underlying health conditions.  Could it be they possibly died of a disease of aging and were COVID positive?  Meaning, the death was not necessarily from COVID but with COVID?  Where are these assessments of death risk?

If the efforts of these policies is to slow the spread, in an attempt to flatten the curve and reduce overburdened hospitals.  What are the numbers of health professionals within hospitals that have been furloughed?  What percentage of hospital staff has been reduced or increased in reaction to COVID need? How many hospital beds are there on a county to county level, and how could a county be at a crisis level if there are many more hospital beds and in comparison to actual coronavirus patients?  What number of hospitals are reaching 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, or above 100% capacities within the state of Oregon and within what districts are these numbers differing in severity?

How many current Oregon hospital patients and ICU patients are from nursing homes (please give by county)?

How many current Oregon hospital patients with COVID are from out of the area or out of the state (provide breakout data)?

Why are you also not addressing the drop in infectious fatality rate internationally form initial estimates of possibly greater than 5% to most recent, more comprehensive estimates, indicating less than 1% globally? 

If elderly with co-morbidities are at highest risk, what is Oregon doing to cater to the positive cases in these age groups?  Are there elderly specific treatment centers for COVID positive elderly or are Oregonians at risk being sent to hospitals and nursing homes/assisted living, senior centers with non-positive elderly?

Most importantly, please explain the risk of harm vs benefit analysis of keeping business mandates on small businesses and not larger corporations?  Also, in general, for long term public health via known risks like unemployment increases and loss of economic profits/closing of businesses.  Is this not an important risk factor to be used in your policies and guidelines as a significant means to also saving lives? 

Why are we not allowed to have businesses cover their own liabilities and have individuals sign waivers to assume risk and responsibility for partaking in that business, whether employee or consumer/client, and allowing them to make their own informed choices mask use without putting the business at risk for citations and fines and other mandate infraction risks?

As those who pay the taxes and fund the Oregon government at large and the Oregon Health Department, we ask you to provide this information that other states and communities are providing.  Burdening the local economy also carries known risks of public health secondary casualty, and we want to see the risk comparisons and make the choice that will be keeping Oregonian's health for the future post-COVID.  


Your understanding and help in these urgent matters, literally meaning life and death from your mandates, is greatly appreciated.


Thank you 


Here are some sources we are using for data:

Evidence against lockdowns and business mandates:

Real time statistics on coronavirus:

Statista state by state coronavirus statistics:

A current list on mask use effectiveness showing that almost every meta-analysis published to date (the strongest scientific evidence known) shows mixed, low quality, or no evidence for mask use in COVID 19 and influenza as a successful strategy for reducing the spread.

WHO mask suggestions:

Additional masks studies showing little effectiveness and low quality of data for mask ordinances in COVID:


Studies showing secondary casualty and poorer public health outcomes with lockdown and other business hinderances via government mandates:




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