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We need more security for our children in every single school in Texas

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In the wake of what happened last week in Florida and too many times before, I think we can all agree that something drastic needs to happen. I have read many comments on blogs and news outlets. One thing that everyone has agreed on is the need for more security, or security to begin with. There are still so many schools that are left with no protection and when you take in to account of a typical LE response of 5 minutes, that is a precious 5 minutes that we can not afford when it comes to the safety of our kids. Now I know that no one wants to think about taxes ever, let alone them going up but it is a very real possibility that if we were to fight for funding for more security and guards to be put into every school in a district, that those taxes will go up. I have read many comments saying " I have never been behind my taxes being raised but if it means security for my kids, I say go for it".

I took a poll on Facebook and everyone agrees that they would gladly go for a tax increase and some even suggested raising the sales tax. Texas makes billions off of sales alone. With what we have been dealing with in the past 2 weeks I believe it is time we protect what needs protecting and that is our children, our future for this country. There are roughly 8,317 schools in the state of Texas and there needs to be security in every single one of them. Please join me and share. Lets get the security and peace of mind that we as parents need and that our kids deserve. Thank you. 

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