Policy To Make Military Training Compulsory In Academic Institutions

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Compulsory Military Training For Youth Of India :

 It’s time to make every Indian’s a #CitizenArmy There must be a mandatory army training for our youth.

It must be a part of School Curriculum and  graduation degree.
A graduate degree should be awarded only after completing 2 years army training in Army, Air force and Navy. 
After completing this army training they are given choice of joining army navy or air force

Those who have been recruited in civil services should first be given 2 years posting ad-hoc in military and paramilitary field. 
During this training period youth may be given free food, clothing and accommodation. No stipend needed.

There are large number of retired military personnel who are willing to give free training to youth.

This will Inculcate the spirit of patriotism and selfless service discipline dedication in our youth.


 Besides this no one should be given benefit of govt sponsored scheme who has not  undergone the required military training in school or college time.

There has to be serious discussion on this issue .
this is  not a new policy.there are 26 other country where this is mandatory.


India has large  youth power,still we are lagging behind from other developed country only because of the direction less and  care less youth we have .Today youth has no virtue of nationalism, patriotism, discipline and responsibility .Much  blame i should give it to the modern education system where less attention is given to inculcate these values to a child. I remember our schooling where NCC and scout guide camps were available for a student to join.
Our defense system will be strengthened. When every young citizen will go with a strict disciplined  and hard training of army.

He will be able to make himself fit mentally ,physically and emotionally. These self confident youth will then create a real new India.

we see youth now a days so much crazy about joining govt services,it ia an opportunity to en-cash that ambitions. I wish this policy should be applied for all citizens irrespective of their cast creed and religion.

I don’t want to impose my idea I  just wish a nationwide debate and discussion should be started on this issue so something concrete and conclusive solution could come out 


 This young reserve army will be available not only for Armed Forces but also for paramilitary organizations which are dedicated to police-like domestic only service (Internal Troops) or non-combat rescue duties (Civil Defence Troops) 


please if you like this idea, sign this petition asking the Government Of India  to make it possible for every Indian to undergo Military training during his/her schooling and graduation time.

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