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Water resources for Tamil Nadu - Out of box ideas

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Reservoirs in the sea to store water

Tamil Nadu has to seriously look for out-of-box solutions to become self-reliant (read Cauvery-independent) in water,  for both drinking needs and irrigation needs.

Cauvery water sharing is going to be tougher and tougher as years go by. 10 years down the line, the flow will not be even 50% adequate for Tamil Nadu’s needs, unless we store every drop that flows thro our rivers

Hundreds of tmcs of water will be flowing into the sea every year through various rivers of Tamil Nadu. We need to select a few rivers and build reservoirs into the sea with a capacity of 20 to 40 tmc per reservoir.

Since the reservoirs will be in the sea, there will be no hassles of tree cuttings, land acquisitions, anti-pollution NGOs and the protesting brigades. Indian Institute of Science Bangalore is already proposing one such reservoir across Netravathi river. These reservoirs can pump back water to various cities.

It is expensive but workable. Technology does exist. We have no other choices either, except conserving what flows across Tamil Nadu. If we remove all the wasteful expenditures on political manoeuvres and unnecessary subsidies, the funds can be generated.

Hongkong, Singapore, Japan and another 10 countries have already built these sea reservoirs and technology is available as per Prof T G Sitharam, Department of civil engineering at IISc. 

City of Shanghai, China uses water from one such reservoir.

Can we persuade our Tamil Nadu Government  to kindly examine such proposals immediately?

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