Stop Child Abuse - Hang Child Rapists in Public

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We the citizens of Pakistan want to highlight a grave problem that is affecting us all, especially our innocent children. Over the last few years, child abuses cases including harassment, rape and child pornography have become increasingly rampant in various cities across Pakistan, each time the perpetrators going unpunished or let off with an extremely light sentence.

The recent of case of Sarang Shar from Khairpur, the school teacher who raped dozens of his students and then filmed them. The case of Sohail Ayaz from Rawalpindi, a chartered accountant working for the World Bank and Save the Children, who raped countless children and videotaped all of his animalistic acts. To the racketeer of an international child pornography ring, Saadat Amin, who was set free on bail in Lahore.

This cannot be tolerated. Not at any cost. Not in a million years. It is both an insult to the victims and their families and an absolutely shameful stain on our society.

We demand that the Government of Pakistan, the Ministry of Human Rights and the Judiciary of Pakistan take serious and immediate action on this issue, that is endangering the lives of our children.

We demand that the criminals behind these vicious and barbaric acts be given the death penalty, as per the constitution of Pakistan, that aims to uphold the laws of the Quran and Sunnah. This nation was created on the basis of "La ilaha il'Allah" (that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah) and its citizens have the right to demand that the Islamic rulings be followed in this regard. It is both a matter of our law as well as our faith, that the evil is deterred, so that no other child has to suffer this horrendous and tragic fate.


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