Save 23 critically endangered Bats from extinction, cruel hunting and habitat loss.

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Friend of the Earth program needs your signature to request local governments of the countries homes to the most endangered bats species to urgently implement conservation measures to avoid hunting and habitat loss.

Habitat loss, unsustainable agriculture, hunting for meat and the white-nose syndrome are decimating bats populations. The IUCN has assessed 1,296 species of bat and of those, nearly one third are listed as threatened or data deficient. 23 bats species as Critically Endangered, meaning they face an imminent risk of extinction, as all of them have fewer than 250 adults remaining. 

Here are the 23 critically endangered bat species. Once the petition will reach 1000 people, we will contact the local governments of the countries home to these species to recommend implementation and enforcement of conservation measures:
Aproteles bulmerae (Bulmer's Fruit Bat); Artibeus incomitatus (Solitary Fruit-eating Bat); Coleura seychellensis (Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat); Dobsonia chapmani (Philippine Bare-backed Fruit Bat); Eumops floridanus (Florida Bonneted Bat); Hipposideros lamottei (Lamotte's Roundleaf Bat); Mirimiri acrodonta (Fijian Monkey-faced Bat); Murina tenebrosa (Gloomy Tube-nosed Bat); Myotis hajastanicus (Armenian Whiskered Bat); Myotis yanbarensis (Yanbaru Whiskered Bat); Mystacina robusta (New Zealand Greater Short-tailed Bat); Natalus jamaicensis (Jamaican Greater Funnel-eared Bat); Natalus primus (Cuban Greater Funnel-eared Bat); Nyctophilus howensis (Lord Howe Long-eared Bat); Nyctophilus nebulosus (New Caledonia Long-eared Bat); Pharotis imogene (Thomas's Big-eared Bat); Pipistrellus murrayi (Christmas Island Pipistrelle); Pteralopex flanneryi (Greater Monkey-faced Bat); Pteralopex pulchra (Montane Monkey-faced Bat); Pteronotus paraguanensis
Pteropus insularis (Ruck Flying Fox); Pteropus pselaphon (Bonin Flying Fox)
Rhinolophus hilli (Hill's Horseshoe Bat).

With forelimbs as wings, bats are the only mammals capable of a flight, even more manoeuvrable than birds'. Bats have an extremely important environmental role, helping to maintain ecosystems all over the world saving billions in preventing crop damage, we need to save them!

Help Friend of the Earth to lead responsible governments to protect critically endangered bats from extinction. We will keep you posted here as things develop.

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