Help the floral industry!

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Plants and flowers don’t just stop growing!

Give them a home! Or they go to waste.

The floral industry needs support from (local) governments and we ask in this petition to have governments around the world to buy flowers and plants for the people. In quarantine or not.

Flower Power.

It is a scientific fact that flowers and plants in the homes of people and at offices enhances people‘s well-being. So, let’s bring the power of the flower to the people and ask our governments to hand them out. Not only to support the floral industry, but also to support all the people who are worried today about the weeks ahead.

Right now, due to the spread of the coronavirus, many people and businesses in floriculture are in a kind of lockdown, not being able to open their flower shops or, as growers, to sell their products. And when they still are in business, growers, florists and wholesalers have difficulties finding the right demand for their products.

Complete productions are being destroyed

Demand for flowers and plants is much smaller than the supply at the moment. As a consequence many growers already have to decide to destroy complete productions. Because harvesting, packing and sending the flowers and plants to market places is more costly than the price they probably will receive, if they can sell it at all.

Flowers and Plants are good for you! They lift your spirit, which will help to fight viruses and diseases.