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Our Prophet Our Honour started this petition to GOVERNMENTS OF PAKISTAN TURKEY MALAYSIA

Honourable  Prime Minister of Pakistan,Honourable President of Turkey, Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia, 

Pakistanis and Muslim Brothers and Sisters across the religious and social spectrum both within Pakistan and Overseas and Muslims across the world are deeply offended and shocked that French magazine Charlie Hebdo has republished the caricatures of our Holy  prophet peace be upon him, and deeply disturbing is the `green light` given to such actions by the French president Emmanual Macron through his statement and refusal to condemn and contain Charlie Hebdo. And the refusal by Norwegian Prime Minister to condemn desecration of Quran in the guise of right to ‘Freedom of Expression’.

European governments have permitted the systematic demonising of Islam and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him over the last 25 years, in order to enable hatred against islam to flourish, under the guise of `Freedom of expression`. 

This latest act of provocation by Charlie Hebdo took place on 01st September 2020, the eve of the commencement of the trial of those allegedly involved in 2015 attacks on Paris.

We welcome Prime minister Imran Khan`s attempts to raise issue of Honour of the Prophet, peace be upon him and rise of islamophobia at international level. However we now say ‘ENOUGH’ ‘NO MORE.’ France in particular has islamophobic tendencies, this is easily envisaged with its ban on niqaab.

We uphold and support peace and law abiding. However, in this instance, the rights of almost 2 billion muslims cannot be ignored. Ignoring such acts of provocation against our beloved Prophet peace be upon him sends out a message that Muslim leaders no longer have the appetite to oppose insults against our Holy Prophet peace be upon him 

There is a globally established trend of targeted attacks against upon Muslim religious figureheads, religious symbols and religious texts which are on the increase facilitated by the recent global spike in Islamophobia. The Muslims resident in western non- Muslim countries were surprised and heartened by the unexpected decision of the European court of Human Rights to uphold judgement against a similar case of hate filled religious provocation. 

Why are shameless people lacking norms of expected civility, permitted to provoke, incite, vulgarise, abuse and relentlessly spread hatred against Muslims and their faith without remorse, recourse to legal action and enforcement of judgements?! Are Muslims expected to sit still and silent when there is a globally declared intent with a manifest open season of attacks against Islam on the rise everywhere?  Can the majority Muslim citizens living in Muslim countries simply not expect any redress for their grievances and suffering from their constitutional establishments, elected governments and legal institutions?

 A dire state of religio-spiritual decadence grips Muslim countries that have fallen prey to aggressive secularism, ideological liberalism and hypocritical Muslims.  All masquerading as upholders of universal peace, universal human rights and universal values in reality imposing their twisted will, religious prejudices and economic power to buckle developing nations to submit to their aggressive liberalism, adopt their rampant immorality and force democratisation upon the Muslim world's sovereign values which they perceive as outdated.

We call upon the Prime Minister Imran khan to take stock of the matter, reflect upon his oath of office and commitment to creating Riasat-e-Madina ( the state of Madina did not tolerate insult of the prophet peace be upon him),  re-read the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Constitution and give real leadership in reassuring the disenchanted and aggrieved majority of his country's citizens. Similarly we call upon President Erdogan and Prime Minister Muhiyiddin Yassin to DO what is right and stand for Honour of the Prophet, Honour of Quran, Honour of Islam and Muslims once and for all. 

As Overseas and National Pakistanis, Overseas and national Muslims  we ask that PAKISTAN TURKEY MALAYSIA IRAN  sever  diplomatic and trade ties immediately with France for its recent support of Charlie Hebdo, and with Norway and Sweden for permitting burning desecration of the holy Quran and insult of the Prophet peace be upon him on the weekend of the 29/30 August 2020.

We ask that the French Swedish and Norwegian ambassadors to Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran are immediately summoned and dismissed and trade ties with these countries cut until they give written assurances that these insults against islam and our Holy  Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him will no longer be permitted in their countries.

We are sure that if you take this bold and decisive action to stop these insults, your names will be written in history and other muslim nations will follow suit.

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