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Petitioning Governments of India and Pakistan

Governments of India and Pakistan: Members of divided families and supporters demand that relations between two countries stay on path to normalisation

The families divided bwteen India and Pakistan deserve a better fate than this escalation that can make it even harder for them to visit each other and keep the pain of partition alive.

Letter to
Governments of India and Pakistan
We, families divided between India and Pakistan, and supporters of our cause, deeply mourn the deaths of Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh, Lance Naik Hemraj and Naik Muhammed Aslam. These tragic deaths highlight the need for dialogue, trust and collaboration to resolve the problems such as lack of strong democracy and inclusive development, terorrism and internal communal strife that are faced by our two countries, separately and together.

At the outset it seems that each side is testing each others' limits particularly with the gruesome mutilation of soldier of Indian Nationality.

We implore our governments to seek long term solutions rather than short sighted politics seeking temporary wins.

We are in favor of an investigation by independent military observer - the families of the fallen soldiers deserve to know the truth their sons lived and died for.

We ask that the two armies and intelligence agencies find ways to collaborate to put an end to infiltration of terrorists and trafickers across the border.

When Indian offiicals speak of the "Great outrage and provocation", we wish to add that the families of the soldiers continue to suffer for decades due to lack of trust and collaboration to resolve the problems between the two countries.

We demand that the two sides show restrain and measured response, keeping in mind the additional suffering caused by further agressive or reactionary stance.

When the officials attempt to define the threshhold and redlines each time there are attacks across LOC, we ask that the the pain caused by war, lack of people contact and visa restrictions to the families on both sides of the border be kept in mind.

As foreign minister of India has stated, this was a deliberate attempt to derail the peace process. Keeping that in mind, we ask that the extreme factions not be allowed to restrict the long term friendship and trade between the two countries. A prosperous and well connected South Asia is our best response to these divisive factions.

India Pakistan Families Solidarity Association

This association, with chapters in important cities of India and Pakistan, is working on enhanced people contact and normalised relations between two countries. Primary members of this association are families divided between Pakistan and India who are facing difficulty in meeting their relatives in the other country. We are a member based organization. We believe that the voices of families separated between the two countries will help unite us back again as the pain of partition is healed with time and effort.
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Phone: 09041326791