Global boycott China's Belt and Road Initiative for justice

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Global boycott China's Belt and Road Initiative for justice

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A Global Petition to G20+1 (Myanmar) Governments 

We request the Governments of G20 Countries and Myanmar to boycott China's Belt and Road Initiative and other economic joint-projects for Communist China Government’s murdering dissident Liu Xiaobo, and to urge for the release of his wife Liu Xia

The Chinese Government dictated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecuted the intellectual Liu Xiaobo, who advocated democracy and constitutional reform in China. In 2008, Liu, together with his friends, made public the Charter 08, advocating that China put into practice freedom, human rights, equality, republicanism, democracy and constitutionalism. As a consequence, Liu was sentenced to jail for 11 years by the Communist China Government for "inciting subversion of state power". Meanwhile, Liu's innocent wife, Liu Xia, has been placed under house arrest and other ways of having her freedom deprived has not been released even today, such that she is now suffering from depression.

In June 2017, the Communist China Government announced that Liu Xiaobo was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Media were disallowed to report the case freely, including interview with Liu, his family and friends. All related news was released by the Government, and Liu's family and friends were prevented from visiting him in the hospital.

Against Liu's and his wife's will, Communist China Government disallowed the couple to seek medical help overseas. On July 13, 2017, Liu Xiaobo died. Based on the situation above, there is good reason to believe that Liu was murdered by the Communist China Government. Berit Reiss-Andersen, Chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee, made a statement to chastise the Communist China Government for being responsible for Liu's death. Moreover, the Communist China Government rejected Liu family’s request to return Liu’s bone ash but ordered to throw it into the sea, and Liu Xia is still now under Communist China Government’s control being deprived freedom. All these acts of Communist China Government have violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Beijing signed in 1998.

Thus, we make the following requests of leaders of the G20+1 (Myanmar) Governments

Boycott the Belt and Road Initiative of the Communist China Government; Stop all related investments; and Boycott other economic joint-projects of China in your country's territory until the followings are realized:--

1.      Stop Liu Xia's (Liu Xiaobo's wife) house arrest and set her free; Stop harassing Liu Xiaobo's and Liu Xia's family.

2.      Liu Xiaobo's reputation is restored; the Communist China Government announces that Liu never committed "inciting subversion of state power".

3.      Release all human right defenders in China.

4.      The Communist China Government holds dialogues with all Chinese citizens, discussing the political and social reform directions as advocated by Liu and his friends in Charter 08.

Grounds of Boycott:

1.      Judging from China's past records of integrity, for example, her violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which she signed in 1998, and her recent announcement that the Sino-British Joint Declaration no longer has any practical significance, China's integrity is already bankrupt. Working together with China in business activities like the Belt and Road Initiative involves the risk of being cheated.

2.      As the Communist China Government has no sense of integrity, which is the most basic moral responsibility, working together with her will endanger your country's interest.

3.      Although Communist China gradually becomes a significant leader of the global economy, she has been unjustly persecuting dissidents. Working with someone lacking moral sense and succumbing to her wealth power may lead the global economy to be irrevocably swallowed by her and place the whole world's well-being in great danger.



由中國共產黨一黨專政的中國政府無理迫害國內倡議民主和憲政改革的知識分子劉曉波,因聯合友人在2008年發表《零八憲章》,主張中國實踐自由、人權、平等、共和、民主、憲政等理念,被中共政府於2009年以「煽動顛覆國家政權罪」,判囚十一年。服刑期間,並無違法的妻子劉霞一直被中共軟禁至今仍未獲自由,致患上抑鬱症。2017年6月,中國官方公布劉曉波罹患末期肝癌,期間不開放給媒體自由採訪報道,所有消息由官方發放,亦阻撓劉曉波家人朋友到醫院探訪。中共違逆劉氏夫婦意願,不准許二人到外國就醫,2017年7月13日,劉曉波離世。上述情況令人有理由相信,劉曉波是被中共政府殺害;諾貝爾委員會主席安德森(Berit Reiss-Andersen)發聲明,直斥中共政府要為劉曉波死亡負上重大責任。同時,中共政府違逆劉曉波家人意願,拒絕把其骨灰交回家人,其妻子劉霞現時仍被中共軟禁中。劉氏夫婦以上經歷,加上中共長期迫害和監禁維權人士,封鎖資訊禁止人民自由從互聯網獲取所有資訊,充分顯示中共政府違反了其於1998年簽署的《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》。

因此,吾人要求 各政府元首閣下:

抵制中國政府的「一帶一路」經濟計劃,停止有關投資,亦抵制其他中國在 貴國境內的經濟商業活動,直至以下事情實現為止:

1.      停止軟禁劉曉波妻子劉霞及還她自由,停止干擾劉曉波及劉霞家人,還他們自由。

2.      劉曉波獲恢復名譽,中共公開宣布他並無干犯「煽動顛覆國家政權罪」。

3.      釋放中國大陸所有維權人士。

4.      與中國大陸全體人民對話,商討劉曉波與友人倡議的《零八憲章》政治與社會改革方向。


1.      從中共違反其簽署的《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》,連同中共過去違諾(如最近公開宣稱《中英聯合聲明》再沒有實際意義)的往績看,中共誠信已破產,與其謀食參與一帶一路計劃及其他商業活動,存在受騙風險。

2.      誠信乃最基本的道德責任,中共政府此責任意識闕如,與之共事將危及參與國的利益。

3.      中共漸成世界經濟的主導國家而可按其經濟力量左右全球發展,但卻行事不義和殘害異己,與之謀事或懾服於其經濟壓力,全球有可能被中共經濟吞噬後難以翻身,危及全球福祉。 

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