COVID-19 Pandemic: Temporary Wage Increase and Benefits for Essential Service Employees

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Essential service workers should receive a temporary wage increase (time and a half) and ensured benefits (whether part-time or full-time) during the COVID-19 Pandemic for the added mental stress, hazardous working conditions, and the necessity/value their role has in society at the moment.

These temporary wage increases and benefits should be backdated to when this was first declared a pandemic.

There are inherent risks associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic and no one is certain how they will react to the virus. Essential service workers do not have the luxury to self-isolate and minimize their sources of potential contact/exposure like others who are able to work from home, receive paid leave, or those who get to claim EI for the time being.

Not only are there inherent risks at the individual level. . . But it could also put those who are close to these individuals, or those who even rely on them, at a higher risk of contracting the virus and add to the stress that these essential service workers face (especially if those who are close to them/rely on them are part of the vulnerable population).

Wages under capitalism should reflect the value employees are bringing to society and compensate for hazardous/stressful working conditions. . . Right now essential service workers have just as important of a role to play as the doctors and nurses working in hospitals. These are the people at the front of the line who are changing behaviours to minimize EVERYONES exposure to this virus and flatten the curve. . . This will hopefully translate into less deaths/loss of lives and is very important work.

Essential service employees are playing a crucial role in society right now. . . Show these workers (many of who are used to minimum and/or near minimum wages) your appreciation and support through the notion that all essential service employees should receive a temporary wage increase and benefits during this pandemic to accurately reflect the value they are bringing to society through their daily efforts to minimize everyones exposure and compensate for the added mental stress/hazardous conditions they face.


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