Powerful action against climate change by the governments

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We are the O.A.J organization created and integrated by young people all around the world, with the objective to confront the greatest problem that this world is facing  -climate change-  .

 COVID-19 is affecting our society. Obviously the governments are taking action, and that's amazing! When it is about climate change and pollution no one takes action!   The climate and ecologic problem is as important as COVID-19. This is affecting our FUTURES!

If the climate change battle is lost, all the battles are lost.

The COVID-19 issue is bringing governments and people of the world together to fight it, that's what should be happening to stop climate change and pollution.

This is our future, this is our planet. We have to wake up, open our eyes and start taking ACTION!

We invite you to sign this petition 

Thank you! -O.A.J