Save critically endangered Ibis from extinction

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Please Sign the Friend of The Earth and Friend of the Sea Petition to ask Governments and major companies to Save critically endangered Ibis from Extinction. Your signatures will be delivered to the countries governments and we will update you here about the campaign.

Ibis are birds with long legs and long-down curved bills which are used to explore mud for getting food.

Hunting, trapping, and habitat degradation are leading three critically endangered ibis species to extinction: 

  • the Dwarf Ibis of Sao Tomé
  • the Giant Ibis and the White-shouldered Ibis of Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao and Vietnam

Less than 1000 individuals of these critically endangered species are left in the while. Maybe only 50 Dwarf Ibis still survive in Sao Tomé.

According to the IUCN reports, no conservation actions whatsoever have been undertaken in those countries.

Friend of the Earth and Friend of the Sea urge those countries governments and major companies to immediately start conservation actions to protect these critically endangered ibises from extinction. 

Actions should include In-place research and monitoring, land/water protection, species management and education. 

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