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Has the "wet" market in Wuhan been shut down?

As the source of this global catastrophe, these markets and ALL such markets, in Asia and worldwide, which deal in the vile barbaric cruelty, torture and death of wild, (often endangered), and domestic animals, must not be allowed to continue.

No country in the world is immune to this virus.  There is no question as to its origins.  If we do not, as a global society, take heed of the lessons this pandemic is teaching us, and understand that we are all connected, we are all responsible for the wellbeing of the planet, from the smallest insect to the largest whale, then we are indeed doomed.

Every government, of every country, every global and local organisation, the WTO, WHO, UN, WWF, Greenpeace, Amnesty, UNICEF, World Vision, ALL OF US, must demand that these markets be SHUT DOWN immediately. Who speaks for the animals, and the health of the planet?  If not us then whom?  And if not now, when?