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Aged Care

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Started by Genelle Doust

As a Aged Care Worker /Trainer  and Assessor for many years in the Industry, and having family members in the Aged Care Facilities I remain appalled at the treatment and Quality of Care afforded to our Residents in this Country.

Our Governments stands by and watch as this industry repeatedly fails our vulnerable elderly by their contribution in lack of adequate wages and all requirements needed to adequately support our dedicated care givers.

Care givers who are the most poorly paid work force in this country and yet Government do absolutely nothing to support and encourage this workforce to assist them in the proper care required to support our Elderly 

The total insult this Morrisson Government has suggested will assist these workers is nothing but appalling.

Two Bonus Payments adding up to around $800 which one would assume is about $2.00 a day increase in their wages after taxes of course.

The $ per hour as a level one is $21.00. And the care and stresses workers go through on any given shift is tremendous,. Not to mention inadequate staffing ratio, lack of PPE and overtime hours and thats without a Pandamic. 

What an Insult.

Then we find ourselves in the middle  of a 2 year going on 3 year Pandamic.

Residents locked in their rooms with no contact from their loved ones week after week.

Staff are completely burnt out, their sick ,their overwhelmed, their helpless in working back to back shifts due to inadequate staff who are often forced into isolation them sevles

What was the Purpose and Point of a Royal Commission Enquiry Into Aged Care ?

Nothing has come of it, Nothing has changed to benefit Residents nor the Carers.

And yet time after time we hear Governments talking the talk on how we need to protect and support our Elderly.

I have witnessed  Politician's when their is an election looming, present themselves at aged care facilities, Not for the interest of the Residents but to feather their own gain.

Apparently Votes Count but our Elderly and thoes who care for them don't. 

We as Australians stand up and use our voices  for many things we don't feel are right, or we protest at the issues we are passionate about.

Its time for all of us to use our voices once again here and insist this Government make changes to the vulnerable people we love and care about.

Its time we use our voices to support thoes vulnerable carers who do their best on a daily basic.

Lets Take A Stand Australia .

Lets Support The Residents 

Lets Support The Dedicated  Staff.

Lets Sign This Petition 

Thank You.

G Doust







63 have signed. Let’s get to 100!