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We thought 2012 was the end of the world. But it was actually in August 2014 that the catastrophe began.

This application available on Google Play store  and Apple Store is a threat to our existence, to mankind. This can hinder our evolution and has the potential to retrace homo sapiens back to 20,000 BC : without civilization, development and the most important tool we have - common sense.

For those who are unaware - This is an application that allows people to do autistic lip synchronizations to songs, dialogues or basically any audio at all and video record it. Eventually welcomed as an amazing application but humans failed to anticipate the disastrous results it would bring.

The major problem this application is causing is propagation of induced autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. And for some reason people find it cool because this era is the romanticization of mental illness.

Although it was a harmless application meant to be a source of fun but some defective humans with absolutely no talent try to sell us the idea that the cancer they are propagating is something beautiful. IT'S NOT.

Due to this the real talent in the world (singers , dancers , actors etc) are being overlooked because they make original content and we just want to see a "special" teen girl doing a 4 year old song with tons of makeup and 11 filters.

If this continues it would be the downfall of humans. Extinction of real art . And we might as well travel back in time and make cave drawings while imitating apes.

I am starting this petition because I believe we can save the world while there is still time . 3 years from now you'll be wondering what wrong happened to the world but that would be a point of no return.

Let's save our future. Let's preserve our sanity.