Yellow journalism should be banned

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The Prime Minister of India.
Subject : Save telugu states from yellow journalism...

Root cause for official backwardness of Andhra pradesh.
Yellow journalism.
Ruling along misleading public. Misleading & diverting. Its completely manipulation of issues.
Telugu news channels are running a parallel government on their table desk.
Center denied Special status.
But a common man doesn't know the explanation given by government of India.

No explanation of CAG reports.
No explanation on National projects issued.
No explanation on polavaram funds.
No explanation on SPV.
No explanation on center allotted budget for Andhra pradesh.
What's going on here with our state ??

State is currently in burning mode and media draws the attention of people with useless & shameless debates, provoking film heroes and other innocent people in their propaganda tied-up with State government.

Now who dares to step in to go against a ruling mafia to explain the truth to Telugu states people...

wish to see National Media comes forward to explain the situations & spred truth..

Please take a initiative either to correct the channels, are completely
Make people of Telugu states to see a proper news about our country and rest of the world.


Thanks you.
Citizen of India.