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Justice for serenity/Convict Joe Crisp

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Serenity is the adoptive two year old daughter who was abused by her adoptive father Joseph D Crisp. Mr. Crisp is employed by the prosecuters office in polk county iowa. He is famous for throwing the book at defendents in drug court who are african american to prove himself and his scare tactics to get defendents to plea to crimes even when he is aware they are innocent. Mr. Crisp has also been responsible for cases in which parents rights where terminated and children where removed from their home for far less pettier reasons then what he has admitted to doing.
This protest is to let John P Sarcone know that this case is being watched closely and that Mr.Crisp should be treated in the same manner any other defendent would who is awaiting trial and has a pending dhs case.

Mr. Crisp's favorite thing to tell his defendents is "Im going to make an example out of you." Now its time for the system to make an example out of him and to show our community that justice will be served no matter who you may know or how much money you might have !!!

Please join this effort to ensure justice for this poor two year old little girl is served!!

Mr. Crisp needs to be fired and convicted!!

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