Trying to Change the Mental Health System

Trying to Change the Mental Health System

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Started by Ryder McCutchan

New Zealand’s mental health system is quite trashy at the moment, The government has put little to no funding towards the mental health system, and nowadays if you end up in hospital through attempts then you will get sent right into a mental health / psychiatric ward.

I personally am struggling with mental health problems, social anxiety, anxiety etc. i ended up in hospital a few times and it took months on end for me to get the help i wanted and what they did was put me into hospital and honestly, that did not help me, it’s like they thought it was going to help me by telling me all these strategies but it barely helped.

New Zealand would be much greater if Jacinda or other leaders would start funding the mental health system as New Zealand has the highest suicide rates in the world and that is because of the mental health system, The leaders need to stop putting funding into bridges or other stuff etc. but i feel like if they put funding into it there will be a lower suicide rate etc.

Putting funding into more counsellors would also help so they can help people 1 on 1 so they can talk and have meeting and talk about stuff even though talking just doesn’t help, it’s easier to get things off your mind and listen to some advice from them.

Thank you for listening - Ryder 

47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!