Train all police forces on all forms of domestic abuse

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As a victim of years of domestic abuse I am appalled to discover that only 7 police forces across England and Wales have received training on ALL forms of domestic abuse. Since 2015, emotional, mental, financial abuse, coercive and controlling behaviour have become illegal, yet thousands of women (and men) have still found themselves being prevented from seeking justice from abuse due to lack of training within their police forces. This type of abuse is subtle and dangerous and can go on for many years (11 in my case) because of its underhanded nature (these men are very clever)

I am a member of many support groups and am under the care of domestic abuse charities and continue to hear horror stories about the level of injustice and what these abusers get away with. I am planning on starting to work with these charities to help others in my situation. 

If you are a victim of any type of domestic abuse, PLEASE, PLEASE report it! Please don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed like I did and many others like me. The more people who come forward, the more people will realise just how common it is and what we as victims/survivors have experienced. 

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