Tougher Laws For Police Officers Who Participate In Institutional Racism

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For far too long we, the public, have sat back and become complacent with the inhumane treatment of ethnic minorities, by the very entity who have sworn to protect "us". "Us" being white, rich males. Stephen Lawrence, murdered by a vicious gang of white males, only TWO members brought to justice, 19 years too late. Adrian McDonald, Darren Cumberbatch, Mark Duggan, Rashan Charles, Edson da Costa, Nunu Cardoso. These are merely a handful of ethnic minorities who have had their lives taken, by our corrupt and institutionally racist police "system". Meanwhile, the judicial system is focused on providing white, child sex offenders with the most lenient "sentences" possible, for their abhorrent crimes. We have an inherently racist system that allows for the constant persecution of innocent ethnic minorities, whilst catering to the white man. This ends NOW. We cannot afford to be complacent anymore, it is time for a change and NOW. We do NOT want your police enquiries, we do NOT want biased and ineffective independent investigations, we want CHANGE. Murder is murder. Violence is violence. Racism is racism. We say NO to systematic and institutional racism and immunity from legal action. This system is more than happy to throw away the lives of ethnic minorities but when it comes to their own, they serve and protect THEM, not US. Stop protecting your own and START calling out this corruption.

To our Government and Parliament, refusal to address nor change this inhumane system solely reinforces the ideology of white supremacy and undermines the everyday struggle of ethnic minorities. The blood will be on YOUR hands. You have the power to make this change. This "system" is simply not working and its time we changed for the better.

Until black lives matter, not all lives matter.