To stop export of domestic wealth of the country.

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Treat animals as living beings, not goods...

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Government of India has issued a press release on 25 June 2018 for export of livestock. The livestock of sheep and goat will be exported for the first time to Sharjah from Nagpur airport. Around 1 lakh sheep and goat will be exported over a period of three months from the Nagpur airport.

The reason given for undertaking this massive export of living beings is to “benefit farmers of the Vidarbha region which is witnessing farmer’s suicides” and “to explore new avenues to improve farmer’s income”. While the government has failed miserably to benefit farmers since 71 years of independence, this large-scale animal cruelty is undertaken under the banner of ‘benefit to farmers’ to win sympathy and votes.

The press release also says that, “Shepherd's and farmers of the region will greatly benefit from this and may consider Sheep and Goat rearing as a side business along with farming. When there is drought or when the farmer is in need of money he will be able to sell the sheep and goat. Women too can take this up as a business and make it a source of earning.”

Vikas Mahatme, the Rajya Sabha MP from Nagpur, who coordinated the launch of the project once the export catches on, prices of meat increase, “more farmers will then start considering sheep and goat rearing as a side business in addition to farming and when there is drought or they are in need of money, they can sell it for cash”.

Not only this mass export of animals for their meat is unforgivable animal cruelty but also it will result in environmental damage and loss to our farmers. The excessive killings of the animals will cause environmental imbalance and have long-term irreversible impact on our surroundings. Also, this unsustainable scheme which encourages farmers to sell their assets instead of the products arising out of it will ultimately cause loss to farmers.

The record of the present Government in the field of animal protection has been worse than the previous governments.  The present Prime Minister, before becoming Prime Minister was vehemently opposing the policy of meat export at the top of his voice. He taunted the previous government for ushering in Pink Revolution. The present ruling party promised total ban on slaughter of entire cow progeny. However, meat export grew by leaps and bound under the present government.  There is no ray of hope even in distant horizon about prohibition of slaughter of entire cow progeny. 

As if this was not sufficient, this government is now moving ahead towards export of live animals. Eventually about a lakh of sheep and goats are proposed to be exported.  Needless to say what will happen to these sheep and goats in the Gulf countries. This step is opening a door, who knows in future what other species and in what numbers will be exported for slaughter.  

The present opposition blames the Government of destroying the Indian Constitution. We do not know of other areas, however, this Government is certainly destroying the chapter of Fundamental Duties in the Constitution. Article 51A(g) ordains having compassion towards all living creatures. This Duty is imposed on the citizens. But is the government different from citizens? Should the government not appear as a role model before the people?  Should the Government policies not reflect the dedication of the government to the Constitution? 

The people are extremely hurt and angry by this deplorable step of the government. Needless to say, how this anger will manifest. We request you to prevent the government from taking this step. Please also remind it of its promises made towards protection of animals. Else, the people will never forgive this government. 

The anguished people of india...

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