To save Dzongu

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Namaskar/Khamri/Namaste/Tashi Delek/Sevaro,

Thank you for taking this time to read and help us.

This petition is for the sake of helping people of Dzongu to protect their land against the major damage and destruction that the NHPC(stage lV) Project ( 510MW ) will bring if approved . 

Our land is not ready nor capable to bear such a heavy project as can be seen in the past experience, taking into consideration the landslides that last took place (june-july), the harm it caused and lives it complicated. Knowing these assured facts if we do not oppose of this now we may have nothing left after a few years and for the future generation.

We the people of Dzongu would really appreaciate your help in standing against this project not only for the sake of our homes but also for the sake of Sikkim as a whole.

Thank you for your help.