To put more road warning signs up at this intersection!

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Obviously you can see that there is a stop sign in this photo but it is not safe to have it placed there as you can see there has been an accident. It needs to be somewhere noticeable for the drivers to see, it is a hazard & more signs need to be put up before coming up to this intersection. There are no Warning Signs before this intersection. I don’t want people to have an accident at the same intersection, I want to make sure other people/ the community know that it is clear to STOP before coming up to the intersection! People that have no idea of the back roads coming from Gordonton heading towards river road will have difficulty driving them because there are no warning signs to let the drivers know that there is an intersection. The intersection is on Lake Road coming up to River Road. I want to keep people safe & prevent this from happening again! I also want the government, council & community to help put more warning signs & to make it clear to the drivers that they are coming up to a dangerous intersection.