To make maybury road safer and save lives.

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On the 25th may 2018, Our brother Jonny Smith was driving home less than 5 minutes away from his home, As a result of a colission involving a stolen audi a3 and a BMW X5 we lost a brother, our parents lost a son, and the world lost a true gentleman. He was 29 years old, a month away from buying his own house, a lifetime ahead of him. A life lost too soon.

The maybury road is a dangerous road and has had 3+ deaths in the last few years. My brother lost his life, Lets stop this now before another life is taken. If the people we put in power to make decisions for us wont take action then we will take the action and bring the fight to them!

Maybury Road needs to be cut down to a single lane northbound with the introduction of a permanent structure,either a kerbed island or a delta block full extent from the Maybury roundabout to the best location due to existing islands already constructed near Barnton, reducing down to a single lane will prevent the same kind of horrific accident that happened on the 25 th may with the loss of Jonathan smiths life.