Change the Speed Limits for Non Car Derived Light Good Vehicle Vans. - (LGVs)

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If you drive a van as part as your job or are ever to hire a van even for a day, then this issue effects you.

Car derived vans are being produced less and less favouring Light Goods Vehicles (LGV) panel vans.

A panel van is non-car derived, usually with no side windows, unless modified, but still registered as a LGV with the DVLA.

(Speed Issues - see below.)

Only car derived vans, vans that are derived from cars and are under 2 tonnes gross weight, can do 60mph on A roads, 70mph on Dual Carriageways and 70mph on Motorways.

Panel Vans - LGVs - (Light Goods Vehicles) - Registered as LGVs and not car derived vans  or even under 2 tonnes gross weight but registered as LGVs, but that are mostly over 2 tonnes gross weight  - for example - Peugeot Partners Vans, the Ford Transit Van Range, Vauxhall Vivaro Vans and even Peugeot Bipoer Vans (LGVS), Mercedes Sprinters Vans, to name a few, by law have to do 50mph on A roads 60mph on Dual Carriageways and 70mph on Motorways.

Most van drivers do not realise there is a restriction on speed for there van, therefore they are risking there driving licenses everyday, which means they could get points and a driving ban, effecting there livelihoods.

In 2015 the HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle - Lorries) speed limits where changed from 40mph on an A road to 50mph, from 50mph to 60mph on Dual Carriageways and from 56Mph to 60mph on Motorways in (England not Scotland), surely this was done due to modern braking and suspension technology.

I have driven vans for nearly 25 years, my current van is a Peugeot Partner Van which is 2.375 tonnes, I have a tracker fitted so my employer can check my speed and location every minute of the day, I am currently driving at 50mph on A roads 60mph on Dual Carriageways and 70mph on Motorways, I get tailgated and cut up by other drivers because they think I am holding them up on purpose, when basically I am protecting my driving license, and am driving safely within the law.

I am basically driving the same limits as a HGVs on A roads and Dual Carriageways, even though HGV trucks are between 5 and 40 tonnes heavier than the vehicle that I drive.

Modern Vans have excellent braking and suspension.

I think the law needs changing, I would like to partition the government to change the law on van speed limits on panel vans (non- car derived vans) up to the new weight of 3.5 tonnes to 60mph on A roads, 70mph on Dual Carriageways and 70mph on Motorways 

Please help with this law change, van drivers are the backbone of this country, modern technology surely means this law should be changed and updated, surely if it was done for HGVs it’s only fair that LGVs have it changed also.