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Take away free healthcare from self-admitted fraud, Steven John Assanti!

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I worked many years and have always paid my taxes with pride in the knowledge of helping provide healthcare to those that are very deserving of it as they are not able to provide it for themselves, or for their families. And because I am now disabled myself and receiving SSD and Medicaid and feel very thankful that healthcare is still available to me, makes me feel sick to see someone with a self-inflicted disability not be even a little bit greatful that their healthcare is being provided to him for completely free by taxpayers' hard earned income. Steven has also publicly mocked taxpayers for being "stupid" by providing free healthcare to him and he has also often stated that he is fraud because he has caused his disability and also has no plans to take his health seriously and use his free healthcare to treatments for weight loss and/or impatient treatment at a rehab facility for drug addiction and abuse and instead uses it for ambulance rides, ER visits to seek pain medicine, medical taxis, and unhealthy food. Steven is a self-adhesive fraud and as a disabled patient that also uses free healthcare (Medicaid) it infuriates me that he is getting away with abusing our liberal health care system in the country and people like Steven only makes it look very bad for those of us that really need it and very greatful that it is available to him. Please take away free healthcare from Steven Assanti...he doesn't deserved it.

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