The Campaign to save Iran's homeless dogs کمپین نجات سگ های بی سرپناه

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Stop mass killing dogs in Iran
We want the animal protection law passed

Every year, hundreds of stray dogs (homeless dogs) are brutally mass killed. They have an official order to execute  this sentence.
There's no law to protect animals in Iran.
Let's be the voice of the animals of this land. As they have as much as living  right of this planet as we do.
Thank you very much in advance for your signature on the petition.
You can judge a nation by how they treat their animals (Gandhi)

این پتیشن در اعتراض به کشتار سگ ها ایجاد شده است. ما خواهان تصویب قانون حمایت از حیوانات هستیم. بیایید تا صدای حیوانات باشیم