Sustainable Mobility (transportation via cycling) - New World Order

Sustainable Mobility (transportation via cycling) - New World Order

2 May 2020
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Started by Medha Rana

I wish to work along the ways that allow people to upgrade to an inclusive, safer and more sustainable ways of Transportation. I am requesting our honorable Prime Minister from a citizen stand point as rethink urban transport and our current roads need to be made bicycle friendly. In the era that we're living in, we can no longer live like the previous generations and take the resources around us for granted. I want this petition to have an aim to start inspiring people to care and act. 

As we know, globally 7 million + people die pre mature deaths due to pollution every year and 21 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are in India; problem is increasing number of cars, leading to reducing road space and increasing construction of metros in certain cities.

As we have all observed how during the lockdown, our environment has become pollution free, without vehicles, industries and construction; fortunately the rate of accidents and deaths caused by accidents are not happening right now.

We can all evidently see how mother earth is thriving and we need to work at successfully maintaining the gains we've made, for which we need some stringent laws in place.

The France government is taking measures by reallocating road space for cyclists and pedestrians and are planning to reduce car traffic and are offering subsidies to use cycle as a mode of transport.

In light of this reality, I call upon the government to use our economic package in a sustainable way towards building a safer and more sustainable infrastructure for cycling and to rethink urban transport.

For which, we need to do the following:

1. Roads are hostile for cyclists, the risk factor is high which needs to be taken care of by the ministry of transportation and roads

2. Car lanes and parking spaces to be replaced by side walks and cycle lanes.

3. For journeys under 5km, cycling should be made compulsory

4. Build infrastructure for cycling

5. Road space to be re allocated away from four wheelers for cyclists

6. Need to work on our Road architecture

7. Provide public transport services to cyclists and ensure maintenance of bicycles by providing accessible servicing facilities

8. There needs to be a restriction on the number of vehicles owned and used by families.

9. In a place like Mumbai where majority of people use public transport , we need to ensure we maintain the traveling ecosystem so that we can co exist with people from all financial backgrounds.




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Signatures: 4,579Next Goal: 5,000
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