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Students should be allowed to take the poem anthology into a GCSE exam

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I think GCSE's have become very difficult and it's not fair. I think students have every right to take an anthology into an exam rather than remembering 20+ poems. It is hard for some people under the ages of 16 to take in information with great amount of detail and annotations especially those whom suffer from memory loss.

Some people are unable to pass their literature exams because of special memory needs or anything of that sort and remembering poems won't make it any better.

Another reason why they should stop this pathetic new rule is because it's not fair that in the past people were allowed to take anthologies into exams and easily pass the tests, however people taking their GCSE's from 2017 and onwards aren't able to pass their exams. If people before this time were allowed to take anthologies into their exams and were not, it's only fair that they stop this rule or make every person in the UK retake their GCSE exams.

My final point is people won't be able to succeed or live their dream because of the masses of poems you need to learn to pass a GCSE along with the harsh grade boundaries, which again make it harder for students to pass.


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