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SIGN & SHARE! Censure of information about the ongoing Gezi Park trial & next court dates

1. On July 16, Ankara 3. Penal Court gave an order to ban the website based on law 5651 which regulates online publications, censoring information around the proceedings of the ongoing Gezi Park trial.The website contained photographs and videos of the Gezzi protests back in May and June 2013, as well as a summary of the indictment, court statements by the defendants, illustrations from inside the courtroom, schedule of buses to the courthouse, and announcements of public meetings. 

2. The second hearing of the Gezi Trial happened on July 18. All demands related to the lifting of arrest warrants have been rejected. The panel of judges ruled, by a majority vote, for the continuation of Osman Kavala’s pre-trial detention that has been imprisoned for 632 days.

3. The next hearing will be held on 8-9 October at Silivri, Istanbul [Turkey]. Follow @defendinggezi and @4HousingandCity on Twitter for regular updates on the trial.

European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City
1 year ago