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Stop the Overpricing and Mistreatment of Tricycle Drivers to the Students

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Cabanatuan city is known for being the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines. Tricycle vehicles here are mainly for the purpose of earning money by giving services to people. Included in those people whom the tricycle drivers give their service in exchange of payment are of course, the students. Large number of students will rather ride than walk despite the distance though some have their own service. However despite the fact that huge amount of money they earn come from students, some are somewhat abusive and rather greedy. Some take advantages of students; timidity. Some acts rude, inconsiderate and discourteous.
They demand for high payment. There are even more instances when a driver and a student both agreed to a certain amount of payment but when they reached the destination, the driver would ask for addition and sometimes acts like he doesn't have a reserve coins or extra money for change. In that way, he will have a larger sum of money. Some tricycle drivers are really tricky and deceiving.

Another common complain of students is the selectivity of the drivers to places. When they learn that the student's destination is far, they would eventually refuse even though they would be paid right. It is also rude of them to get mad and insult students who refuse their offer because of their high price. There's nothing wrong with that. Students value money because it's our parents who worked for it. Furthermore, not all students are rich and as customers, it's the students right to refuse especially when we know there will always be another driver who will drive for us and will accept the payment we are willing to give.
It is also disappointing that it is inevitable for those ill-mannered drivers to exist.

Those who are somewhat 'maniac' and pedophilic. Lots of students particularly female students shared their traumatic experiences regarding such tricycle drivers.
However, we just want to make it clear that the accusations above do not apply to ALL but to SOME tricycle drivers only. We, students, just want to have our rights get respected as well instead of being abused. We are hoping that this sincere request will reach Mayor Jay Vergara through the Cabanatuan Legalization Division and will find a way to solve this matter. If resolving this is completely impossible, then we believe that it could be lessened at least and be prevented in worsening. We hope for a good and immediate response. Please hear us out.

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