Stop shark finning

Stop shark finning

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Shark finning is a very brutal, cruel and torturous act done by humans.. It has been estimated that around 100 million sharks are killed per year and about 11,416 an hour! An entire shark is killed just to use about 3% of it for a bowl of soup!  With the average of only around 16 shark attacks per year on humans it shows that humans are In fact the more dangerous one.  

sharks are very helpful for our oceans ecosystem and keep the ocean clean.  They help maintain the food chain of the species below them. Sharks help remove weak and sick creatures and that helps keep the balance with competitors which helps ensure species diversity.

sharks also indirectly maintain coral reefs and sea grass and the loss of these creatures has led to a decline in coral reefs and sea grass beds as well as a loss of commercial fisheries. 

at the rate at which sharks are being killed they could soon be extinct. They play such a vital role in our oceans food chain and the decrease in these animals could trigger problems such as out of control algae and could also lead to the extinction of other animals such as scallops which rely on sharks to eat its predators. 

there are 480 species of sharks and still the fatal numbers on human attacks are still in the two-digit range. Sharks are important animals and again very helpful to our oceans. Shark finning needs to stop soon or these creatures will become instinct and our  oceans will take a turn for the worse.