Stop Mp’s from Claiming £10,000 expense for working from home during the Covid crisis

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Whilst others are struggling to make ends meet, MPs have been offered £10,000 for working from home. In a time when they should be standing with their constituents in a time of crisis why are they not managing on their hefty salaries that they already earn better?  

Please don’t let them get away with this it’s an insult to the British public. And darn right hurtful when they can’t even cover the safety of all frontline workers  by providing the basic PPE and, refuse to help new business owners who do not qualify for the government help.

They haven’t helped parents who are struggling to feed & provide resources for children at home but they feel that they can justify taking £10,000 each to provide laptops which they already have.

If you have ever attend a surgery many already have these laptops that they are talking about.

Many people will not have noticed because we have been focusing on the immediate crisis, they have sneakingly motion this, blindsiding the British public. Please help to divert these payments where there really needs and not to member of society who should have take a 20% pay cut in solidarity of the British constituents.

Thank you in advance for your help