Stop insurance companies making you suffer after a no fault accident!

Stop insurance companies making you suffer after a no fault accident!

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Ian Chapman started this petition to Government and

Following a serious car crash in Feb 2021 on a motorway that left me unable to walk for several weeks, the third party admitted liability in March 2021. Due to the injuries I sustained, I have not been able to work since the accident and I have had to survive on SSP, which has now finished leaving me relying on government benefits and handouts from family.

However, this doesn't cover my bills and, through no fault of my own, I am now being issued default notices, facing late payment fees, my credit rating has been severely affected, receiving letters threatening to take me to court for missed payments and my quality of life has suffered irreparably. The advice I am given is to take voluntary bancruptcy. My creditors say they have been more than understanding enough and want their money now.

Despite suffering injuries that can take months to heal, the insurance industry does not see the need for victims to receive their loss of earnings and expenses until the final claim is settled, sometimes years after the accident, leaving people destitute, at risk of losing their homes and posessions, suffering from anxiety and depression and losing friends and family!

I want to make it very clear here that I am ONLY talking about loss of earnings and expenses, NOT personal injury, property destruction, legal costs or anything else. I just want to make sure victims of accidents DO NOT suffer further by not receiving an income they have become used to due to someone else's fault, like I have.

When I have attempted to discuss my financial situation, and that the insurance company are sitting on 9 months worth of my wages, with my solicitor, broker, insurance company, money advice services and even my MP, I am told that the insurance industry isn't regulated, there is nothing you can do to get your money!

Once an admission of liability has been made, (and this should be resolved within a certain set period)  then the insurance company should start paying for loss of earnings and expenses on a monthly basis to ensure victims do not suffer unecessary financial stress, ill mental health, have their credit rating affected, threatened with losing posessions and property that they have worked hard to afford etc.

I wonder how many others are in my position? That they risk losing everything because someone else wasn't paying attention and caused an accident resulting in long term injury to anothen person and the insurance company won't pay any loss of earnings because 'that is the way the insurance industry works!'

I am calling for the government to regulate the insurance industry and change the law so that victims are not further victimised whilst they wait for months to receive money that rightly belongs to them. That victims of accidents start receivimg loss of earnings immediately after an admission of liability has been made. The insurance company will pay this money anyway, eventually, so why not give it to the victim now and stop them suffering even more?

I ask the government to use their powers to make the insurance industry answerable to the FCA, with regulations ensuring victims do not suffer unnecessary financial hardship following a no fault accident where a prognosis for recovery is longer than 2 months.

Additionally, this would put less stress on an already struggling benefits system, encourage insurance companies to work better to ensure appropriate therapies are made available faster to get people back to work quicker (saving them money in the longer term), reducing threats of repossession, bankruptcy and many more advantages that there is not the time to go into here.

It is time that the insurance industry was made accountable for the financial, mental and physical hardship they cause by finding excuse after excuse to not pay loss of earnings and expenses on a monthly basis.

It is time for the insurance industry to have a moral and ethical code of conduct regarding victims financial, mental and social well being.

It is time for the insurance industry to see victims as human beings and not just a case number.

It is time for the insurance industry to stop worrying about their own bank balance and to start thinking of the victims.

It is time for the government to take action!

Please sign this petition to force our government to do the right thing and bring more regulation into the insurance industry.

Thank you.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
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