Stop Gavin Williamson from being knighted.

Stop Gavin Williamson from being knighted.

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Started by Angie James

Knighting Gavin Williamson is an insult to the thousands of teachers and pupils who suffered because of his shambolic decisions and incompetence as minister for Education.

My daughter was amongst those downgraded in the A level debacle of 2020 -orchestrated by Gavin Williamson.

She lost her place at university and suffered weeks of uncertainty and anguish before his U turn reinstated her original grades by which time her place had been given to someone else.

A first generation student my daughter did everything that was asked of her. She and her school friends were ranked and forced to see their A’s reduced to C’s and D’s. because they were at state schools and took popular subjects.

The algorithm downgraded 39 per cent of the A-level grades predicted by teachers in England, with pupils from poorer backgrounds hit most severely.

 The system blatantly and disproportionately affected black, Asian, or minority ethnic students, and those from working class families.

My daughter was eventually given a place at university but I know many who were not so lucky.

His mis management of the Covid crisis sent children back to school for one day before closing schools and sending them back home causing a spike in Covid cases. He was amongst the many conservative M.Ps who held functions whilst the whole country was in lockdown

Making a reference to extending free school meals ( which he voted against) he stated he had held a Zoom meeting with Marcus Rashford, when in fact he had met a completely different black sportsman, the rugby player Maro Itoje!

His work record speaks for itself - sacked by two prime ministers, accused of leaking information from a meeting of a highly sensitive matter of national security, considered the most inefficient and unpopular Education secretary in history and yet he is to be rewarded by the Conservative party with a knighthood?

His appointment is a disgrace and I believe the thousands of pupils who’s future he has affected possibly forever, deserve a voice in opposing him receiving any honours. 

Please sign this petition and oppose his knighthood. 

353 have signed. Let’s get to 500!