Stop DWP from making people with health conditions go for assessments

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The DWP are a disgrace. 
people with health conditions , some where they can’t even get out of bed , or are permanently disabled are made too go for assessments.  Even though most or all have had an assessment if they are claiming Personal Independence Payment. Those like me are now claiming PIP and universal credits.  They are now wanting me to go for yet another assessment to see if I am fit for work. I have arthritis and Degenerative Disc disease.  
PIP assessed me why so we have to go through the same again. 
I have Just read about a young man of 19 who is paralysed and has a hole in his heart along with other conditions was made to go to a work assessment to see if he was fit too work ! My god what is this county coming too. This man was in a wheelchair.  He had an assessment already with PIP which are the DWP. Why can’t they just communicate one department to another. I think this needs to be stopped. 
People on PIP should not be made too attend a pointless assessment again.
My conditions affect my everyday life.  Some days I can hardly walk.  The pain is unbearable. if I twist or turn wrong I can go spasms in my back. I’ve already been through this. Having another assessment is pointless. I shall not be made to go too work by the DWP.