Stop children being taken from their mothers through 50/50 shared care

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The family Courts are in crisis.
I did not get a fair trial. Did you watch Panorama?
It's not only criminal law but family law is not allowing people a fair trial.

My funding withdrawn in the middle of private proceedings. No legal help.
I had to crowd fund.

My ex husband had a top legal team throughout.

He got 50/50 shared care. A blanket assumption by Judges and Social workers.

Where physical, emotional, psychological abuse has been involved, shared care absolutely does not work. Abusers and perpetrators continue to abuse through the Court system.

Social Services are incompetent and out of their depth.

My children are suffering. They cry for me and there is nothing I can do. They were 3 and 6 years old. Taken away 50%.

DEMAND 50/50 shared care blanket assumptions stop

DEMAND social Servies have skilled and adequate training.

DEMAND abusers and perpetrators are held accountable.

DEMAND social Servieces are held accountable