Stop children attending school until the coronavirus Is under control

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Stop sending our children to school until the 

coronavirus Is under control 

everyone needs to take this seriously before it’s out of control 

people are returning from countries affected by the virus 

over half term children have returned from countries affected and returning to school 

our children could be infected 

we must act now before its to late and take action 

please sign and share this petition to save our children from getting the coronavirus 

stop the spread and keep family’s safe 

we as a community must join together and take action and do everything we can 

We all know how it started and where and it’s only a matter of time before it’s affecting the population of the uk 

it’s already been made a global pandemic and only ourselves can help stop this from becoming worse then it already is. 

we have to stop sending our children to school and catching the virus, more needs to be done.

every last case must be dealt with in the uk, until we know our children are safe we will return them to school. 
we all know how fast germs spread at schools 

and if we can protect our children from this coronavirus then we must take action now! 
please sign and share today and take action for the safety of our children and everyone.