Stop all geoengineering

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Petitioning the head of the Vatican, the head of the City of London, the head of Washington and all heads of Governments that are geoengineering without the consent of the people. 

Ban Geo-Engineering & Weather Modification on our earth plane.

We, the undersigned, are demanding that all governments:

1. IMMEDIATELY BAN STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL GEOENGINEERING AND WEATHER MODIFICATION activities, programmes and operations including Solar Radiation Management (SRM) any any other Geoengineering methods and practices that are being used in, on, around and above our earth plane and it's atmosphere. “Geoengineering” is defined herein as the intentional manipulation of the environment, involving nuclear, biological, chemical, electromagnetic and/or other physical-agent activities that effect changes to earth’s atmosphere and/or surface.

2. THIS IS A CALL FROM THE CONCERNED CITIZENS ON EARTH that are aware of Geoengineering and Weather Modification activites, programmes and operations in, on, around, above our earth plane and it's atmosphere, on behalf of the citizens that are "unaware" of these activities, programmes and operations to the all Governments to put in place a MORATORIUM until there is FULL PUBLIC DISCLOSURE and STUDIES carried out that can verify the effects of Geoengineering on the populace and on our environment. The results of rainwater, soil, blood, hair and standing water tests that have been carried out in various areas on earth over the last 15 years show ALARMINGLY HIGH LEVELS of Aluminium, Barium, Strontium and other harmful chemicals in which definitive studies prove these chemicals are attributed to the significant increase in respiratory illnesses, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other health related problems over the last decade. These heavy metal test results are consistent with ongoing discussions and existing patents for Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management (SRM)

3. IMMEDIATELY BAN ALL GEOENGINEERING AND WEATHER MODIFICATION Top Secret programmes, activities and operations, including ALL National and International Government, Military, Commercial and Private entity involvement in Geoengineeringing and Weather Modification in, on, around or above our earth surface and it's atmosphere. Evidence shows and it is well documented that these programmes, activities and operations induce droughts, cause floods and other man-made weather anomalies and extreme weather events. It is also documented that this has been happening all over our earth plane for well over 10 years and up to 70 years in some parts of the world. This BAN as requested by us the concerned and aware citizens on behalf of the unaware citizens of our earth plane means you the leaders of all Governments need to IMMEDIATELY take the appropriate measures TO CEASE, BAN AND DISALLOW any local or foreign, USA, UN and any other country's Military, Airforce, Navy, Commercial or Private entities involved in performing these Geoengineering and Weather Modification activities, programmes and operations in, on, around or above our earth plane and it's atmosphere- this ALSO includes our ocean waters as well as our Air Space. This ALSO means BANNING, CEASING and NOT ALLOWING any Geoengineering and Weather Modification programmes, activities and operations involving National or International unmarked, unmanned (UAV's), untraceable (off radar)  Military, Navy, Air Force, Private, or Commercial aircraft, as well as any Military, Navy, Air force, Commercial or Private sea based vessels and any other National or International entities not mentioned here that are part of these orchestrated Geoengineering programmes, activities and operations in, on, around or above our earth plane and it's atmosphere.

4. IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND BAN the use of ALL Geoengineering and Weather Modification techniques, technologies, equipment and weapons for these weather modification activities, programmes and operations happening in, on, around and above our earth plane and it's atmosphere- which include but are not limited to- Nexrad & Doppler Radars, Rockets, Balloons, Cell Phone Towers, Microwave technologies, TTA (Tesla Tech Array), H.A.A.R.P  type technologies, Antenna Array sites including the Canterbury University operated Birdlings Flat,  the Unwin Radar, and other related Radar stations, Radio Antenna sites and Observatories plus any other related techniques, technologies, equipment and weapons being used in, on, around or above our earth plane and it's atmosphere that are operational for these Geoengineering and Weather Modification programmes, activites, operations and purposes.

5. THE CONCERNED CITIZENS AND SOVEREIGNS THAT ARE AWARE DO NOT BUY INTO THE STANDARD GOVERNMENT REPLY we are given when approaching the Governments with our concerns on this matter. The governments of this world have in the past denied the existence of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management (SRM) even though we have provided overwhelming evidence that shows these activities, operations and programmes have been occurring all over our earth plane for well over 10 years. The Governments have responded to our concerns explaining that what we are concerned about and seeing in our skies are "Persistent Contrails" and "An increase in commercial aircraft activity"! THIS IS A LIE AND COVER UP!  

GOVERNMENT NOW HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE IT'S POSITION ON THIS AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY BANNING IT! History has shown us and it is well documented that certain Governments in the past have been caught out deceiving and omitting to it's citizens about similar type programs that were underway without it's citizen's consent or knowledge that inflicted detrimental harm to it's unsuspecting citizens. So in saying this WE DEMAND that Governments IMMEDIATELY launch a full in-depth, comprehensive, lawful, government inquiry into WHO, WHAT, WHERE AND WHY these activities are happening here in, on, around and above our earth plane and it's atmosphere and WHY WE ARE NOT BEING INFORMED ABOUT THEM! The concerned citizens of our earth plane have been recording these Geo-Engineering and Weather Modification programmes, activities and operations and collecting evidence for as long as it's been happening and now because this issue has become so apparent to many and more and more "unaware citizens" are waking up to what is going on, we will no longer allow Governments to allow it to continue.

6. FOR FACTUAL BASED EVIDENCE ON GEOENGINEERING activities, programs and operations happening here in New Zealand please familiarize yourself with the “Directive” . The majority of evidence on these activities and programmes located at this evidence hub is most certainly applicable to New Zealand.

7. THE CONCERNED CITIZENS THAT ARE AWARE of this matter have recognized the majority of the world population is inhaling heavy metal particulate matter on a daily basis and most do not have the knowledge this is happening to them. These nano particle sized metals are being absorbed by our bodies, livestock, produce, waters, soils and our pets which coincides with the test results we have been doing with our water, soils, hair and blood as mentioned earlier in this petition. Most notably the heavy metal is causing long term air pollution, resulting in severe respiratory and neurological diseases in our population, especially among those people most vulnerable. AGAIN WE CANNOT RE-ITERATE ENOUGH, the aerosolized metals being sprayed from aircraft and other methods employed for geoengineering purposes ARE HAVING A DEVASTATING EFFECT on the people and our Environment, Agriculture, Livestock, Horticulture, Flora & Fauna, Waterways and pets. Irreversible damage is being done to our Eco Systems and to our Soil and Waterways. When Aluminium enters the Eco System IT CAN NEVER BE REMOVED! 

8. THE CONCERNED CITIZENS AND SOVEREIGNS THAT ARE AWARE OF GEOENGINEERING AND WEATHER MODIFICATION in, on, around and above it's atmosphere acknowledge that the negative effects of it extend far beyond the environment and the health of all living things. The damage that is occurring will have immeasurable effects on the economy, in the form of lost solar production, damage to crops, lost tourism income, and devalued real estate, amongst other issues. 

9. AS A CLOSING REMINDER TO ALL GOVERNMENTS, "YOU REPRESENT US, THE PEOPLE" this issue also affects yourself as well as your own families and friends! 

Don't forget in 1984, some countries signed into the United Nation’s “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques” Treaty, in which the past and present governments are in CLEAR VIOLATION AND BREACH of many of the articles in this convention. Governments have signed it and is obligated to uphold it.  Governments can be held accountable in an International Court of Justice for these violations and breaches.

As New Zealand is a "Nuclear Free" country thanks to the late former New Zealand Prime Minister, David Lange, now is the time and opportunity for the "new" Government to STEP UP and become GEOENGINEERING & WEATHER MODIFICATION FREE! The lies that the New Zealand Government have bought from the International powers who have implemented these Geo Engineering & Weather Modification activities, programs and operations under the guise of "Climate Change" say they propose to use Geoengineering to mitigate it, when Geoengineering has already been happening for many decades, this shows the deception we are dealing with here. These geoengineering activities are what is actually altering the climate!  The mainstream media Climate Change information we are fed is proved to be untrue by many scientists. We are suffering for all the reasons outlined in this petition and things are only going to get worse by allowing it to continue! All governments need to WAKE UP to the lies from those powers, Government is accountable to and MAKE A STAND for and all citizens and sovereigns despite any political reasons that may refrain them from making this honorable decision. We are asking you to make our earth plane "GEOENGINEERING & WEATHER MODIFICATION FREE" and not be a part of it for our own livelihoods and for our future generations!


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Head of the Vatican, Head of City of London, head of Washington and heads of all Governments in all affected countries.


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