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stop all factory farming worldwide

The truth about Factory farming many people think farming is pigs or chickens running around a spacious field. Sadly, this is far from the truth. Most meat has been factory farmed. Factory farmed animals never see the light of day pigs and cows are trapped in cages so small they can hardly take one step.Chickens,ducks and turkeys are piled into sheds.Thousands in one tiny shed.They are trampled by each other,get burned from all the faeces littering the floor(in there short lifespan the shed isn't cleaned out even once) and get fed so much they are really fat,so they are ready to be killed after six weeks.Because they are so fat, many of them won't be able to walk,not that walking's much use to them anyway because there isn't enough room. :( you can all help end factory farming before it ends us

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