I want to request for the shutdown of Zoo for good.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

As I and nearly all the world is under lockdown. We can surely feel the way it is to be behind the walls for long. No social gatherings, no fancy restaurant, no work, nothing at all. And we have made this world for ourselves, for our convenience and so we have all the rights to feel this way.

But, has anybody ever thought about the pain we are giving to those animals, by locking them up for their whole life. And the irony is, they don't want much, just a natural habitat God has created for them. Just to roam free and complete the food chain by their own.

Just a request, that we should rethink on caging the animals at zoo, or anywhere in this globe. We don't want to see them at an exhibition known as zoo. We would love to see them living their original lives at their own place.

Please spread this, and request the world powers to take some action. #FreeTheZoo #FreeTheSouls