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Help get my babies home safe family ripped apart by malicious lies and bad social worker

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Our life's have allowed to of been shattered and torn apart by a malicious accusation regardless of  numerous concerns I raised to the social services that my innocent children might of been being exposed into hearing things that children there age shouldn't know about however  despite my attempts to raise alarm concerning my children being brushed off eventually leading upto the knowledge of disturbing messages I received the week before my children were wrongly taken stating I was about to soon loose the care of my children and how I would be begging to see them, coincerdental? I was pregnant at the time of this misinjustice and unusually it was left with a full year of torment and pleading to the authoroties before criminal proceedings were eventually heard were as in the meantime I was wrongfully forced to loose my newborn child in the unusual circumstance of the family court being prior to the criminal proceedings which were obserd to begin with not to mention the true extent of disregarded key points towards our children's justice being withheld by social services and although after being dragged threw to rightfully being found not guilty of anything as Heart breaking to of even had to go threw they attempt to persist with adoption. I deserve my children back beside me where they will be safe and I will be able to give them back their childhood they so desperately need, I intend to make a stand in the hope of a new extent in measures needing to be met in cases where nothing should be disclosed or under looked in any circumstances especially when looking out for the best interests of the children involved .all concerns any parents may have involving their kids must be taken up with upmost severity in cases where eather parent demonstrates clear disregard involving the child in any way which could disrupt the mind complexity of the child involved. This is serious ,I find my personal experience shocking at least and hope if I can prevent this situation and spare the heartache of the next parent that finds themselves forced into this awful situation please become aware priorities need to be met in this area let's stop this. nothing should be able to take you're beloved babies so carelessly please help us make a change for the parents who have been  so harshlessly mistreat and help us have justice for the innocent children who have been allowed to fall threw this system. Why does family court have less boundaries to meet than the criminal court is this acceptable please let this concern be raised don't let these go unnoticed loving parents are suffering in silence. Thank you 

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