Social distancing

Social distancing

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While it is good to see revenues being generated to the government by liquor sale and there by giving some financial help, I strongly oppose the way liquor is being sold.

It should be channelized by way of home delivery to avoid clustering of people at a common point...liquor shops! The solution should be to increase income with social distancing at the same time. 

It is suicidal for an over populous country like India to come in a situation where there is no reversal. Corona will spread like wildfire and in no time we might overtake USA also if this is not looked into. 

Wine shops can start an online token system where one will be given the time slot to be collected with in a particular time on their mobile nos when they place the order from the phone.

This will certainly achieve the goal of less crowding at the wine shops and feeding all the mouths without harming the income for the government. 

People will be more than happy by not standing in long que. Also the payments can be made online by using various payment modes as a majority of people use apps like Google pay and Phone Pe.

Lastly, we indians have gone through a very tough time and we as citizens shall give our best brainstorming ideas for the betterment of the country.


15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!