Varanasi-Viswanath Temple Premises to cleaned

Varanasi-Viswanath Temple Premises to cleaned

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DR​.​P​.​VENUGOPAL RAO started this petition to Sri Yogi Adityanth and

VARANASI –VISWESWARA TEMPLE.                                                                           It is a well known and indisputable fact that Varanasi has a special place in Hindu Pilgrimages in India. The importance of the city is because of presiding deity Viswanadh and Visweswara Temple. Therefore importance of the temple
need not be emphasized. 

Now, the temple is surrounded by all shops and commercial establishments. The original space and way leading to the center of temple  to
have Viswanath’s Darshan is very congested. This is because of encroachments from all sides by commercial establishments and shops. As a result, people
have to stand in a single row, in a queue , in narrow pathways, for long hours for Shiva’s Darshan, which is a hardship for any one, more so for senior / aged people, mothers and children. These path ways for all gates should be widened. Solution
lies in getting encroachments removed and widen the way and make the way
smooth, comfortable and create other facilities like availability of drinking
water, sitting benches for the aged etc., to facilitate the Darshan of Viswanth
with ease. it is to be thought and given a priority as, how
facilities of Varanasi’s main temple of Viswanath ( Darshan) can be improved. This should be give primary importance. Only then we can be proud of our heritage and our faith. The improvement of the Viswanath Temple and surroundings is of top concern. When Viswanath temple and surroundings have
improved,then only, we  can say that Varanasi has improved  in real  sense.

No doubt the town and Ghats have improved very much since Sri Narendra Modi has taken the initiation for the improvement of the City. But the aspect of improving the conditions Viswanath Temple and surroundings, should also be given all  top  priority.

As such we sincerely appeal to the Chief Minister of U.P. , Sri. Yogi Adityanath, Hon'ble Chief Minister of U.P.  and  the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India,                    Sri Narendra Modi. To take up this issue on top priority basis.

 I appeal all tosupport this cause. to bring this point to the notice of Hon'ble,C M of U.P., Sri. Yogi Adityanth, and Hon'ble Prime Minister, Sri. Narendra Modi.

WE have  every hope that this issue will be taken up with right earnestly and given all due importance, and  will be  resolved. 


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