Education/ mental health at JPC

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Our names are Ellie Moore and Lauryn Cunningham, we are current year 11’s at Joseph Paxton Campus (Wirral Hospital school) in Birkenhead, CH410EZ. Our school is a therapeutic alternate environment for people who suffer with mental health issues such as; Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Schizophrenia  , self harm, chronic fatigue syndrome, borderline personality disorders and more, comorbid with ASC, ADHD and other learning difficulties.

This makes it virtually impossible for us to attend mainstream education. Our school is catered for students who are medically referred there. And its amazing! but unfortunately the support ends post-16. There is not enough funding, or even knowledge/education regarding Mental health, and how it can effect education.  We are on a mission to ‘win over’ the education system, in hope that we will get enough funding so we can make a temporary sixth form in our school. We are hoping this idea will not stay temporary for long. We want permeant secure education, that we do not have to fight for.

Education, training is compulsory until we are 18.

This is what we strive for. We love to learn, but unfortunately due to our mental health, we cannot thrive in mainstream education. Its too much, too soon. This will lead many of us to become NEET once again. We would be lost potential again. Lost in the education system again. Just another number again.  In special need settings , where the provision is not academic, the provision is up to 25 years of age. So why should students (like ourselves) who are struggling with mental health be treated any differently?

We are asking every available resource if they can help us with; funding, raising awareness, advice, support  and helping us have a louder voice.

We need your help.

We have been told ‘No’ to having a sixth form in our current school by the education system , and we see no other option. We can’t give up now. We are fighting for our future. We are anxiously waiting for someone to help us FAST. We know its short notice, as we start year 12 in September, but we are lost. We are fighting for a secure education. So we can achieve the academic results we can get! We want to be the voice for all children and adults! Suffering with mental health, who are being shunned help by higher authorities.


We want to also say Thankyou for all the local authorities and community who have helped us get this far! And a huge Thankyou to Frank Field (Birkenhead MP) and Angela Eagle (Wallasey MP) and the positive impact of social media,  who have all taken us seriously. 

Please help us, we are grateful for any support you can offer us.

Thankyou for reading.



Ellie Moore and Lauryn Cunningham