Government should subsidise energy and fuel prices to mitigate cost of living

Government should subsidise energy and fuel prices to mitigate cost of living

1 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by art ashta

There is a very serious "Cost of Living" crisis looming.

The government is ignoring it - just like it ignores everything until it becomes a crisis. 

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This is not something that is going to go away until the Russian invasion comes to a conclusion. 

The government is hoping it will all go away by itself. The fact is that MILLIONS of people are already finding it hard to survive, and it will only get worse in October 2022 and again in January 2023, with the next two price hikes.

Inflation will spiral out of control because of the hike in energy and fuel prices. Businesses HAVE TO PASS ON these increases to the public in order to survive, resulting in higher prices.

The public cannot afford the higher prices so people have to ask for pay increases. Those on benefits will simply not be able to pay, creating poverty for MILLIONS of people, who will have to choose between HEATING AND EATING. Nobody should ever have to make that choice in a civilised society.

There is ONLY ONE viable solution that solves this. The government has the ability to SUBSIDISE the cost of energy and fuel until the prices stabilise again. The government can create a debt to be paid back in the medium term. If this action is taken it will mean a recession is avoided and businesses can continue to prosper and higher tax revenues will help pay towards the cost. 

The alternative of "no action" will be catastrophic. Embedded inflation and permanently higher prices. A lifetime of savings wiped out by higher prices. More people unemployed and on benefits as businesses close. This will result in a major economic downturn that will take a decade to recover from. 

Social unrest and possibly riots will follow. 

This is not a good outcome, but will be unavoidable if action is not taken immediately. The cost of riots, strikes and inflation will be far higher than the cost of subsidy. It is more cost effective to swallow the bitter pill of this subsidy than to deal with the consequences of creating large scale poverty by taking no action. A simple "pay-out" as the government proposes is not a viable solution because it does not solve the problem, and only deals with the symptoms. 

This petition calls for the government to take immediate and urgent action to subsidise the cost of energy and fuel so that it becomes affordable for everyone. This will halt inflation in it's tracks and we can return to a normal life. The Cost of Living Crisis will be averted. The debt can be repaid in the medium term from increased tax revenue from prospering businesses, that would otherwise fail.

This is the ROLE OF GOVERNMENT.  If a government does not handle the crisis - it will be responsible for the deaths of many people who will not be able to afford heating this winter



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Signatures: 63Next Goal: 100
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